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Wholesale Zantendeschia Tuber and Calla Lily Bulbs

At Flamingo Holland, our calla bulbs come from five different breeders permitting us to consistently supply quality calla tubers throughout the year. We treat all calla bulbs with GA and fungicide in our US facilities before shipping to our customers so that they are ready to plant upon arrival.

Flamingo holds exclusive calla varieties and introduces new ones each year to provide customers with diverse options. We offer varieties suited for cut flowers and potted production, and these flowers’ intense colors, strong stems, and large blooms earned the callas’ permanent spots in retailed bouquets and potted assortments.

In our Calla assortment, we have both potted calla lilies and cut flower calla lillies available, many varieties of which are available on an exclusive or semi-exclusive basis. Our varieties are available throughout the world and are suitable for all types of climates.