Wholesale Flower Packaging

Wholesale Flower Packaging Supplies
Flamingo Holland stocks a wide selection of printed and unprinted cut flower sleeves, bouquet sleeves, potted plant sleeves, pot covers, clear sheets, decorative sheets and pot covers in various shapes, sizes, colours and materials. We also offer a wide variety of decorative accessories and horticultural supplies.

Flower packaging we offer:

Whether you are a grower, bouquet manufacturer, wholesaler, garden centre, nursery, florist or retailer we stock and have access to packaging and supplies that can meet your needs. If we do not have the product in stock that you require we will work to find something to accommodate your product or can design and manufacture custom packaging fitted to your product and design specifications. Custom designed packaging whether branded or printed with a modern design to compliment your product provides additional value and helps your product stand out among the competition.

At Flamingo Holland we understand that marketing and design are a crucial part for any business in selling their products and creativity and attractive packaging is the key to developing a unique presence in the industry.