Year 3 of Trialing Mini Callas

This year will be the third year that Flamingo Holland is trialing the Mini Callas! Our goal is to have 4 to 5 colors in Mini Calla varieties that compliment each other in height, finish time, etc. We are excited to let you know that we see great progress this third year. Our main variety is Sun Club. This yellow Mini Calla is producing well for tubers in the field and has great results and performance in a pot. With the other varieties we're trying to create the same great results of Sun Club.

So these Mini Callas are grown differently for the bulb in Holland than regular Calla material. The main eye of the tuber gets scooped from the mother bulb and that eye (grow point) is used as plant material. This process is done by hand and takes a lot of expertise to do this correctly.

Once it's scooped from the mother bulb they need to get planted in the field within a few days. This is done in March and April. What is harvested are sizes 8/10 to size 12/14. The advantage is you harvest a smaller tuber with more eyes and grow points. That smaller tuber produces more flowers and fills pot better than regular material of that size.

So we have seen very good results and this year we are setting out some larger plantings of this material. Of crop 2017, we will handle 5 to 6 different varieties ranging in sizes 8/10 to 12/14. So depending on pot size, input cost, etc we choose from the different sized material.

We just received the material at our warehouse for this year so give us a call so we can further explain more of the details to you.