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Wholesale Rose Lily bulbs.

Roselily the double-flowered lily have, less powerful scent, no stamens and the flowers look like roses. Our varieties are available throughout the world and we have cultivars suitable for all types of climates. We have access to bulbs grown in the Northern and Southern hemisphere, many varieties of which are available on an exclusive or semi-exclusive basis. Learn about our wholesale rose Lily bulbs on our website. Visit us and acquire wholesale rose lily bulbs today, and contact us for your next order!

Roselily is a distinctive and specific segment of double-flowered lilies with some unique features. First of all they have a less powerful scent in comparison to other lilies, secondly the flowers do not have any stamens and thirdly the flowers look like roses when they open. Van den Bos is one of the two exporters who enjoy market exclusivity on this product. Available as cut flower roselily and potted roselilies.

Top 3 qualities of Roselily the double-flowered lily:

  1. Less powerful scent
  2. No stamens
  3. Flowers look like roses