Roselilies Presented at PMA Show 2018

Flamingo Holland presented the exclusive line of Roselilies at the PMA Show in Orlando this year. The PMA show is becoming the premier floral show for mass market buyers and producers/breeders for North and South America. The Roselilies we had on display were stunning and a lot of people could not believe that these lilies do not have pollen! Because there’s no pollen this line of Orientals produces less strong of a fragrance as well. We got a ton of positive feedback at this show and look forward spreading the word of beautiful Roselilies! We have updated the latest and most current varieties on our website so please take a look. Roselilies are orientals and grow similar as far as timing and growing techniques. They are used for Cut flowers and for pots. For 2019 we will handle 5 different pot varieties and close to 25 varieties for Cuts. There are differences between the varieties so for more details or info on this line please contact Flamingo Holland.