Tecolote® Ranunculus

Why Tecolote Ranunculus
The Tecolote® strains of Ranunculus are among the finest on earth. These specific strains have been perfected over the last 60 years and the selective breeding program continues to this day. Each Tecolote® Ranunculus Bulb can produce up to 8-10 peony shaped flowers on 24” sturdy stems. Most flowers are doubles and measure 4” to 5” across.

Planting Medium
Use a very well drained, low soluble salt, sterilized, pH 6 to 6.5 planting medium. Ranunculus require excellent drainage and this characteristic must be incorporated into the shipping medium. Coarse perlite is an excellent amendment.

Planting Orientation and Depth
The bulbs should be planted with the fingers pointing down and with the crown about one inch below the planting medium. Bulbs should be planted 6 inches apart.

Use medium to high (greater than 2500 foot candles) light intensities. Since light intensities vary in each area, forcers should use planting dates that will provide the plant with optimal light and temperature conditions.

Keep the planting medium moist, but do not over water ranunculus!
Automatic water systems are preferred.

Use a 45 to 50°F night/ 60°F day temperature greenhouse. Do not allow the temperatures to exceed 60°F for extended periods.Ranunculus grow best in a cool environment.

Keep greenhouse well ventilated. This helps to prevent Botrylis form developing.

Fertilize weekly with 200ppm N of 15-16-17 starting after the plants begin to grow.

Fresh Cut Flower Production
Cut flowers when they are fully colored and about to open. Store flowers in water at 32 to 41°F. The storage period should be as short as possible.

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