Oriental Lily

Plant bulbs 3" (7.5cm) below the surface of the soil. Space evenly and angle slightly toward the edge of the pot. Water pots immediately after planting. We recommend planting 3 bulbs per 6" (15cm) or gallon pot and 5-7 bulbs for a 10" (25.5cm) pot.

Crop Time by Series
13-16 weeks depending on variety and temperature.

Target Values
EC – 1.4
pH – 5.5

If possible, keep temperatures at 48º-52ºF (9º-11ºC) during the intial rooting phase. This will lead to more even root develpoment. After rooting, ideal temperatures are 58º-65ºF (14º-18ºC) nights and 68-75ºF (20º-24ºC) days. Always avoid temperatures below 55ºF (13ºC), as this can lead to heavy lower leaf loss, bud deformation, and increased virus expression.

Lilies require moderate light levels; ideally 2,500 - 4,000 foot candles. Once 6,000 foot candles is exceeded (typically in mid-April) it's beneficial to shade the plants.

Growth Regulators
PGR applications vary by variety and location, but in general we recommend 3 applications of Sumagic at 3-5 ppm. Be sure to keep applications light, as leaf yellowing will occur at higher rates.

Lilies require cool night in order to flower. During this stage be especially careful that the pots never dry out. Pots should ideally be shipped when the first flower is showing color.

Insects and Diseases
Thrips, Aphids, Botrytis, Pithium, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia Solani

Common Problems and Causes
- Lower leaf yellowing and loss
- Excessive PGR rate applied
- Night temperatures too low 

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