Before planting, dip corms in water and light fungicide solution for 15-20 minutes. Be sure to plant within a few hours of dipping. Plant corms 3-4" (7.5-10cm) below the soil surface. The standard bulbs per pot is 3 per quart and 5 per gallon.

Crop Time by Series
Nano - 9-11 Weeks
Lovely - 11-13 Weeks
Main Street - 12-14 Weeks

Growing Media
Use medium that holds water well.

Freesia is a cool weather crop. Ideal temperatures are 40°-55°F (4°-13°C) nights and 50°-70°F (10°-21°C ) days. Cooler temperatures initiate flowering and help keep the plant compact. In Southern states they can be grown directly outside and in coolers areas should be grown in a cool greenhouse structure, protected from frost.

Freesia require high light levels; ideally 4,000-6,000 foot candles. This is important for keeping the plant compact. In Northern states with lower light levels, we recommend not planting until at least early January.

Water and Feed
Water pots immediately after planting. They do not need to be watered again until sprouts have de
veloped. From this point on pots should remain moist, as drying out will cause stress to the plants, particularly during the flowering stage. EC should remain around 0.9 and pH around 6.8.

Growth Regulators
The Nano and Lovely Series typically require no PGRs, unless they are grown in warm temperatures and with low light levels. For the Main Street varieties; PGR application depends on location and time of year. As a general guideline, we recommend doing two 10 ppm application of Topflor; 3 weeks and 6 weeks after planting.

Freesia require cool night in order to flower. During this stage be especially careful that the pots never dry out. Pots should ideally be shipped when the first flower is showing color.

Insects and Diseases
Thrips, green aphids, Botrytis.

Common Problems and Causes
Plants do not flower
- Soil temp >60°F (16°C)
Yellowing at the edge of the leaves moving inward
- Fluoride present in soil or water. Freesias are extremely sensitive to Fluoride. Do not use Super Phosphate and be sure to check Fluoride levels in water before planting.
Crooked Flower Stems
- Extreme change in humidity
- Pots dried out during flowering stage
Stretched Plant
- Low Light Levels
- High Temperatures
- Incorrect PGR application

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