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Posted: Sep 11th 2017 Calla Update - Crop 2017

Calla photo

We have had many people come to us lately to ask us what the latest is about Calla availability currently and also for 2018. As many of you know there has been some large changes in Calla supply and who the players are. With domestic production phasing out and production moved to Holland there are still many uncertainties and questions. One thing we know is that Flamingo has taken position early enough to purchase tubers crop 2017.

Dutch tubers are planted between February 1st and into January of the following year. Over the years we have fine tuned long storage, to do this correctly so that tuber get stored such that it loses little vigor over time. Important is humidity control, air movement and temperature in the room. This has resulted in little to no fall out during the season. We prefer to use the larger sizes for later plantings. So minimum size for fall plantings (Spring flowering) are 18/20 or size 20/22. Read more »

Posted: Sep 8th 2017 Van den Bos Flowerbulbs - full steam ahead to further growth

Van den Bos photo

Full steam ahead to new, sunny horizons. Hans Kleijwegt (l) and Sander van Woerden

New Partner gets an education in the world of bulb farmers 

Flamingo Holland's parent company, Van den Bos Flowerbulbs wants to remain the top flower bulb producer worldwide. The company needs to keep up the momentum to continue to develop and to go forward. This week we reached agreement with our new partner, Foreman Capital. Together we plan to set a course to new horizons. First of all the new partner had to be instructed on the ins-and-outs of what it takes to be a bulb producer, that isn’t something that just comes naturally!" Read more »

Posted: Sep 8th 2017 Cultivate 2017 Highlights

Cultivate photo

Cultivate 2017 saw a record number of attendees- over 10,000! Over 34 countries were represented at this international event held in Columbus, Ohio in July.Nearly 700 exhibitors participated at this event making it the largest Cultivate to date.Flamingo Holland showcased many of their outstanding plants in a new design set including echinacea sunseeker series, calla lilies as well as orchids from Floricultura. Read more »

Posted: Sep 8th 2017 New Exclusive Asiatic Lilies

Asiatic lilies are increasing in popularity as potted plants and landscape perennials. Many plant producers have expanded their production of these easy-to-grow plants, as they provide an impressive display of color at the retail site and fit nicely into production plans.In addition to our current asiatic lines of Matrix and Joy series are 4 new, exclusive colors of asiatic lilies: Read more »

Posted: Jun 30th 2017 Flamingo Holland Calla Collection

Calla photo

Vibrant Colors and consistent performance

Popular Dutch Callas are a wonderful lifestyle plant to be used indoors or outdoors throughout the year.

To say Flamingo Holland provides high-quality plants is very true. That's the essence of what we do – but it hardly tells the whole story. Read more »

Posted: May 26th 2017 Product Highlight: Oxalis

Oxalis photo

Flamingo Holland has Oxalis available

Oxalis Features:

- New Unique Varieties
- Great item for early Spring
- Fast Crop Time
- Low input cost  Read more »

Posted: May 26th 2017 Chilean Crop Update

Chilean Crop photo

In Chile, the Oriental Lily crop is looking very good. We see that in some varieties the bulbs have sized up a bit more than projected, so overall we see good growth. Temperatures have dropped in Chile as temperatures in the US have gone up towards summer. By next month the first Orientals will get lifted out of the ground and we will know more on what to expect. This year's quality control exceeds all others. With the recent investments in a brand new Washing Line for all bulbs going to North America; we are looking forward to this season. Last year, all of our lots and varieties were USDA approved and bringing them into the US was going very well without any problems. Read more »

Posted: May 26th 2017 Save the date, FlowerTrials at Floricultura

Floricultura invitation

From June 13th till June 16th FlowerTrials will take place at Floricultura. It's our pleasure to invite you to FlowerTrials at Floricultura to see their latest varieties. They will have more than 150 Phalaenopsis varieties on show in sizes 6, 9, 12 and 15 cm. While enjoying a snack and refreshment you have the chance to discuss varieties with Assortment-Managers. Read more »

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