Dianthus Flow

Unrooted Cuttings
Plant unrooted cuttings just deep enough to prevent cutting from falling over, approximately 1/4" (0.6cm) deep. It is important to mist leaves often to retain moisture first 4-6 days. Reduce mist when roots begin to appear.
Rooting temperature should be 68°-70°F (20°-21°C).
Average rooting time is 3-3.5 weeks. Plants should be pinched after main bud appears. This is typically 2 weeks after transplant. Pinching ensure good branching and growth

Rooted Liners
Plant liners even with soil surface being mindful to not bury the growing point.

Growing Media and Fertilizer
Coarse, well draining soil is recommended.
Optimum soil pH of 5.5-6.5
Initial fertilizer should be a high phosphorus (i.e.10-52-10).
Fertilizer during growth proud should be soluble form which includes magnesium (i.e. 15-5-15)
EC levels should not exceed 2.0.
Regular testing of soil samples to monitor conditions is suggested.

Watering Practices
The Dianthus Flow needs regular watering that should be completed in the morning. It is important to keep soil moist without being excessive as this will cause plants to grow too tall and be less sturdy.

The minimum night temperature in winter should be 46-50°F (8°-10°C). The day temperature in spring should be increased to 55°-59°F (13°-15°C) depending on the intensity of the light. Good ventilation is important.

Additional notes
Monitor regularly for mites, aphids and thrips.
Routine application of fungicides is recommended for prevention of common Dianthus diseases such as phythium, fusarium and alternaria.
For fuller pots, use of Florel or similar promotes branching.

Grow time
From a 105 liner
Spring planting
4"(10cm)/quart - 8-10 weeks
6"(15cm)/gallon - 12-14 weeks
Fall planting
4"(10cm)/quart - 14-16 weeks
6"(15cm)/gallon - 16-20 weeks 

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