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Flamingo Holland Inc. is a subsidiary of Van den Bos Flowerbulbs B.V. in The Netherlands. Van Den Bos was started in Holland in 1942 to supply flower bulbs to flower growers. In the beginning, it was primarily freesia corms that were traded to the local flower growers in the Westland area. In the 1970s, lilies became popular as a cut flower with the introduction of improved up-facing varieties that were able to grow year-round.

Van den Bos specializes in preparing and trading bulbs for professional flower growers supplying flower bulbs to professional flower growers in over 58 countries. Van den Bos plants and monitors a portion of every lot of lily bulbs received. The company’s main products are Lilies, Freesias, Zantedeschia, Gladioli, Tulips, and Irises. Van den Bos has their own selection of Lilies and Freesias whose famous cultivars have proven their value in the market.

Every year over 400 million bulbs are prepared and traded at Van den Bos. Van den Bos has been an employee-owned company since 2002 which makes it unique in our industry and ensures highly motivated personnel with a strong team spirit. Currently there are subsidiaries of Van den Bos in California, Canada, New Jersey, Australia, and China. Click to visit

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