Potted Plant Packaging / Pot Covers

Pot Covers

Pot cover photo2 Pot covers

Sizes Pearl Colors Matte Colors Metallic Colors Kraft Colors
4.0 " Standard Emerald Green Gold Gold Chocolate
4.5" Standard Hunter Green Hunter Hunter Green Cinnamon
5.0" Standard Lavender Moss Green Lavender Hot Pink Mottled
5.0" Tall Moss Green Pink Moss Green Light Green Mottled
6.0" Azalea Nile Green Purple Pink Moss Green
6.0" Standard Orange Red Purple Natural
6.0" Tall Flare Standard Orchid Silver Red Plum
6.5" Azalea Pink Silver Purple Mottled
7.0" Azalea Purple Sky Blue Yellow Mottled
8.0" Azalea Red
8.0" Standard Sky Blue
10.0" Azalea Violet
10.0" Standard White

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