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Headquarters in Vista, CAHeadquarters in Vista, CA

In 1984, Van den Bos Group developed a cold-storage facility on the West Coast in the USA to import and distribute flower bulbs and packaging supplies to wholesale flower growers. Coolers were built in Oceanside to store and prepare flower bulbs for professional flower growers. In 1994, a larger facility with more cooling capabilities was built in Vista, California to accommodate our growth. Over the years Flamingo has grown into a world-class company, trading in more than 30 million bulbs per year. Our customers include cut flower growers, container nurseries, and potted nurseries throughout the USA including Hawaii.

Our West Coast facility, in Vista, California (located in San Diego County) has 13 state of the art coolers. We have five freezers for lilies with a capacity of 30,000 crates. The other rooms are used to give temperature treatments to Tulips, Freesia, Iris, Zantedeschia, Liatris, etc. This provides us with the great flexibility when it comes to meeting our customers’ needs. We administer treatments to various bulbs, including Iris and Tulips, tailored to the customer’s growing conditions. For instance, bulbs intended for shipment to Watsonville, CA will receive a different treatment than those shipped to Florida. We also provide customized advice and service for each climate zone in the USA. Given all the variables involved in growing flowers, we understand the importance of our technical support to customers. We visit customers regularly, providing them with advice on how to grow the bulbs and improve the crops.

Distribution Facility in Edison, NJDistribution Facility in Edison, NJ

In January of 2007, Flamingo Holland established a facility in the East Coast in Edison, New Jersey, to serve the nursery and greenhouse industry. It is close to the harbor, airports and major highways for quick distribution. Our New Jersey distribution facility has a modern cooling and freezing facility to insure the quality of the product. We can handle a temperature range between 28°F and 86°F which is computer controlled. The capacity of the coolers is over 15,000 cases at any given time.

Our experienced personnel and superior facilities give us the flexibility to ship one crate of bulbs or a full pallet to your door for a competitive price. Shipments from Holland enter our warehouse on a weekly basis allowing us to enjoy a high rate of customer satisfaction. We also provide our customers with a full range of horticultural supplies for all your growing and packaging needs. With access to Holland’s leading supply companies, we are able to fill nearly all our customers’ needs.

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